Leadership Training Initiative

LTI’s mission is to engage and empower leaders to embody their values and elevate the dignity of all people.


Our vision is a world where equitable leaders are empowered and where all leaders in power are equitable.

We strive to:

We engage leaders in examining how things are versus how they could be, as the foundation for relational and systemic change.

We empower each person to lead with empathy towards our collective thriving.

We bring our whole selves as we embody the world we want to create.

We elevate the conversation, the atmosphere, and the dignity of others.

We work with leaders and organizations that:


Humbly engage in hard conversations about places of dissonance in their organization until they are aligned with their values.


Empower their leaders to ensure collective thriving.


Embody their values and a posture of learning.


Elevate and prioritize the ongoing development of equitable leaders.

Our Team

Jessica Taylor, PhD

Founder & CEO (she/her)

Mariko Gilman

Chief Operating Officer (she/her)

Becca Jones

Chief Heart Officer (she/her)

Natalie Correll

Director of Operations and Client Relations (she/her)

Renjy Abraham

Lead Content Creator & Spiritual Coach (he/him)

Renée Brandon

Technology Administrator (she/her)

We also work with these amazing partners:

Tracy Myers

Middle Waters LLC (she/her)

Andrea Emerson

Full Palette Coaching (she/her)

Providential Perspectives, LLC